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For generations, working mothers have industriously juggled between being a mother and pursuing their dream career path effectively. Many have made a success of this daunting struggle, while some women on the other hand eventually had to sacrifice a prospective work career to become a fulfilling wife and mother.

The chance to attempt making a balance between these two worlds don’t even occur for some women, as certain policies in some companies give no room for working mothers. This is a major reason why some career driven women don’t give a thought to becoming mothers till they are way up the ladder, and have proved their worth in such companies.

Motherhood in itself is a vocation to be mastered, and coupled with the hassles of working tirelessly to meet up with financial needs; a working mother is prone to physical, mental and/or emotional breakdown. It’s familiar to see women resigning from their jobs and taking up personal businesses as efforts to have flexible working hours and accordingly remain fulfilling working mothers. However, either as a fulltime or part time working mother, several challenges are encountered on this overwhelming journey and inevitably, the need to maintain harmony for smooth sailing.

As you stretch yourself in hitting those work targets and climbing up your career ladder, let no one define what success is or
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Don’t hit yourself on the head for this; calm yourself, take deep breaths and think of best ways to tackle the challenges on ground. Asking for days off if pressed to doesn’t make you the worst employee, simply work out a plan with your boss or colleagues on how you will get to do your part of the work (being helpful and friendly at work usually pays off in this regard as a colleague may just be willing to repay a favour by standing in for you or doing your share of the work for the

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