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This next theatre is the Palais Garnier, which is located in Paris, France. This theatre was designed by Charles Garnier. The Palais Garnier wasn’t the original theatre that was in that location on Rue le Peletier, there was another in its place. There was a bomb that was thrown into the theatre while Napoleon III was inside of it and that was the moment when he decided there needed to be a new theatre built. Napoleon wanted to be able to attend shows in a safe environment and not have to worry about his safety. In 1860, there was actually a contest held to figure out who was going to be the architect on this building. So Garnier wasn’t even the first choice to create the building everyone envisioned, he was chosen by chance. Surprisingly, Garnier had never built anything before being commissioned to create this theatre. The only thing that he ever created an apartment house. This work was something serious seeing as it was very expensive and the size of the building …show more content…

The building was made up of four different parts, the technical areas, areas for the public, stage, and auditorium. The stage that was designed was the largest of stages in Europe at the time. It wasn’t that it was that large in size, it went back far to be able to include a space for the dancers in the shows to have a place to practice. Also for there to be space to spread out while doing scenes in shows. The main event while inside of the theatre was definitely the grand staircase. This staircase looked like something out of the castle of royalty. Upon entering the building, one is able to see that the stairway is very large and imperial looking. After walking up that initial flight, the stairs split off into different directions for each person to get to the side of the theatre they are seated easier. Although it took Garnier fifteen years to eventually finish the theatre, it was definitely worth the

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