Why Is Versailles Important

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Versailles I. “You gaze, and stare, and try to understand…” quoted Mark Twain. The vast architecture of Versailles has silenced many with its history and astonishing views. Many see the beauty of the castle today and can hardly imagine the troubled land that was once there. Like Saint-Simon who saw Versailles before its growth, he said Versailles is” the gloomiest, most thankless place without a view.” It all started as a small cottage constructed by King Louis XIII in 1623. By the mid 1700’s the castle was famous with the help of King Louis XIV’s renovations. Until being made into a national museum, Versailles was neglected. Residence abandoned Versailles after the French Revolution. Recently, many renovations have been made to restore the palace to its former glory. The restorations were necessary because of separist bombings in 1978. The castle is now the greatest tourist center in France. Versailles is full of a vast amount of history and elaborate architecture which may have contributed to both the countries gain and ruin. II. Amazing many, Versailles is full of gardens, gates, …show more content…

Versailles has shown how history and art can mesh together to for an amazing combination. From the Treaty of Versailles to the green grasses of the lawn in Versailles, Versailles is architectural astonishment. To image seeing a piece of art so outstanding for only 24 dollars. The cost is unimaginable compared to the beauty and history that engulf Versailles. The kings were also a part of the history by adding variation and new sections almost every year to grow Versailles into what it is today. Though, there is a slight devastating background, Versailles still stand today operated by hundreds of workers. All good things must come from bad, Versailles bed beginning has brought jobs, tourism, and a breathtaking history. Versailles is full of history that ties to the building and architecture that stands beyond any of the time, which contributed to both the countries gain and

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