Palaces In The Forbidden City: Versailles And Forbidden City

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Essay 1 Appearances of leaders mark the end of non-hierarchical primitive society and demonstrate how different social classes form as the timeline moves forward. Once the leader realizes his superiority over the rest of population, he need something to emphasize his unique status. The initial change is his house and it gradually converts into majestic buildings that we usually call palaces now. Emperors construct and design these palaces in different purposes. They are not only beautiful architecture but also the heart of politics or economics in their countries. Palaces already become symbols of strong power and royalty. From the East to the West, thousands of emperors marks a point of turn in history and leave the marvelous …show more content…

Versailles and Forbidden City represent the difference of traditional cultures and art between the East and the West. Versailles has a elegant U-shaped main building in the center and a royal court with diverse plants. Inspired by the architecture of baroque Italian villas, but executed in the French classical style, the garden front and wings were encased in white cut ashlar stone that called enveloppe. The inner palace for royal family living is decorated with minors and luxurious lights. Sculptures and paintings are displayed in every corner. Palace of Versailles mainly made of marbles and stones which is different than the material that used in building Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is mainly made of different types of wood and overall view of is a square because chinese believe the shape of square is stable and represents royal majesty. It displays an extraordinarily harmonious balance between buildings and open space within a symmetrical layout. The function of the inner part is the same as Versailles. Royal family live in inner palace and exterior palace is only for ceremony during special events. The design of separate parts of palace are similar in both palaces due to the demanding of emperors

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