Review Of The Monuments Men By Robert M. Edsel And Bret Witter

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The historical no fiction book written by Robert M. Edsel and Bret Witter, The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History, is a true-based story about World War 2 that most Americans have unheard of. This story captures the formation of an allied unit of soldiers, the Monuments Men, for they need to protect, restore and preserve our culture heritage, before it completely vanishes by the harsh destructions of WWII. When the war began in 1939, George Scout immediately saw all of the destruction it was already creating to out artistic side of our culture. From this, he proposed the formation of the group the Monuments Men, which he also called his “brain child.” After his initial attempt to create a …show more content…

Before reading this book, I did not really have the knowledge of this “treasure hunt” the book described. To me, this side of WWII is not deeply described when being taught about this war in school. However, I now understand the importance of this story, and question why this side of the war is not described in more detail. It is said that we were fighting for the preservation of our culture, which is the background of our way of life. In general, the historical topic is considered WWII, but in short, it is the story of the Monuments Men. Therefore, in regards to Western Civilization, WWII had a major impact. For instance, the disturbing horrors of the war caused civilization to question the Enlightenment idea of society’s way of life. In regards to the Monuments men, they fought to save our culture by protecting our architecture and art pieces, which is the fundamentally formation of not only Western Civilization, bit also modern civilization. In my personal opinion, this book was excellent in describing both the unknown story and WWII. I have a complete understanding on a subject I knew very little about, and for this, I applaud the authors for their descriptive works and their ability to truly capture the importance of the Monuments Men to WWII. Another reason I was fascinated by this book was that my grandfather served in WWII and was awarded the Purple Heart. In one section of the book, the authors describe the bombing at Pearl Harbor and those who received this awarding during this event. My grandfather was one of them. Therefore, I became suddenly interested in the book and wanted to continuously read. I would recommend this book to others, because of the shire fact that everyone should be aware of those who risked, and even some who lost their lives to protect our

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