Persuasive Essay On School Shootings In The United States

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If you haven’t been keeping up with today’s debates, then I advise you should. You might know many of the top topics that people have always argued over for a hundred years now like abortion, the legal drinking age, and the death penalty, but what I am going to talk about is none of these, I’ve chosen instead everyone’s favorite topic which of course is gun control! Gun control has been a huge topic of discussion in the United States today. Recently, there has been many unpleasant events that have happened involving guns, and if you haven’t kept up much with the news and are wondering why is this certain issue being brought up a lot here recently? Then let me to tell you.
It’s because of the horrible school shootings throughout the country,
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As of right now, there is no medical background checks when purchasing any kind of weaponry, in which there should be. Although yes, it is sad that many of the school shootings and massacres happen from those with mental health disabilities, there are still ways that we can limit these events from happening. For example, if the ones selling to those with mental health problems (Bass Pro Shop, Outpost Armory, Cabela etc.) had the ability to manually go through and check a medical record/history of that particular customer then I believe that many awful incidences similar to those school shootings could decrease in number if indeed the government were to pass a new law for Gun stores to take medical background…show more content…
There already has been too many that have been looked over or swept underneath the rug over this past decade and that is not acceptable! The reason these laws where put into order in the first place were so that everyone would be safe and responsible enough to own / take care of a weapon and abide by the laws! But, of course someone will not follow them or even pay attention to them if u don’t ever enforce the

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