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Specific Purpose: I want my audience to recycle.
Thesis Sentence: Everyone should recycle to help protect and preserve the environment.
Ever since elementary school when my science class learned about pollution and the effects it has on our environment, I was determined to make a change. Recycling reduces the need to use fresh raw materials and creates something new from something old.
I. To recycle is to treat or process used waste or materials to make is suitable for reuse. (Collins English Dictionary, 1979).
A. There are tons of benefits that come with recycling and has rewarding effects on our planet.
1. Recycling reuses old materials so we can save resources and protect our natural habitat for generations to come.
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Landfills are places where trash and debris are stored. By dumping everything, these landfills build up causing a pungent smell.
2. We are slowly losing the ability to grow trees because of the current rate of them being cut down.
3. Animals will be forced to inhabit our cities if we continue to use their resources or worse, become extinct (South Coast Energy Challenge, 2012).
(Transition: By not only recycling but buying recycled supplies positively contributes to the environment.)
II. There are many myths that come along with purchasing recycled products.
A. Recycled products are unavailable and hard to find.
1. Retail and grocery stores sell thousands of made from recycled materials as well as their packaging.
B. Recycled products are too expensive.
1. These days the makers of these products have become more competitive, especially with non-recycled companies. Thus, lowering their prices. (Transition: It has been proven through research that recycling has helped our environment.)
III. Even making small changes in your daily recycling can make a major difference in the long run.
A. In 2000, recycling resulted in an annual energy savings equivalent to the amount of energy used in over 6 million homes (Recycling Revolution,

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