Pros And Cons Of Recycling

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Research Paper: Recycling Pros & Cons According to EPA, The average American discards seven and a half pounds of garbage every day. Think about that for a second, 7.5 pounds of garbage a day for 365 days, that’s about 2,737.5 pounds of garbage per person per year! Where does all of that garbage end up? As all may know it goes to a landfill where it is burned and emitted into the air. This number can simply be reduced by recycling plastic, glass, metal, etc. But does recycling actually create a difference? Even though recycling still causes pollution, recycling does benefit the environment because it pollutes less, saves energy and protects habitats and trees from contamination. Recycling does have negative effects on the environment. When plastic is not recycled it can become extremely toxic to …show more content…

It was published around 2014. This piece is writer by an ecologist. It is reliable although it shows the writer’s opinion about the topic. She uses current factual evidence from the EPA and many other reliable sources/experts/agencies. The writer is has authority, being an ecologist for the website. Lastly, the writer’s purpose to get across was to inform you about the impact of recycling on the environment. Even though this article shows some opinion, she backs her claims up with supportive evidence.

Kukreja, Rinkesh. “Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling.” Conserve Energy Future, 16
Jan. 2017,

This current article shows both positive and negative outcomes of recycling. It was not biased which shows it was reliable by using sources. The authority was there, although it could have been more present. I know the purpose of this article was to show both sides of recycling and the different effects.

Pruitt, scott. “Recycling Basics.” EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, 7 Nov. 2017,

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