Should People Be Required To Recycle Essay

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Should People Be Required to Recycle? If you could help your community and world for the better, what would you do? Recycling and getting others to recycle helps our Earth become cleaner and more alive, other than polluted and ruined. In some households, a table argument is whether recycling is bad or good and if it should be required. Out of twelve countries, the United States of America is in ninth place, with a recycling rate of 34%! The largest recycling rate of the twelve countries is Austria. It is evident that people should be required to recycle.With the world being polluted and humans being the cause, mandatory recycling is a must have to start cleaning up the Earth. To begin with, people should recycle because it protects our living area, Earth. First, recycling can cut down pollution. If people recycle, there would be fewer chances of recyclables being burned, tossed in or near the ocean, parks, natural animal habitats, gutters, and schools. Recyclables being burned create air toxins that harm the natural …show more content…

For instance, recycling saves money for consumers and makes money for others. When it takes less money to create a product, it costs less to buy it. A way that people help themselves id recycling. If a person needs money, they could easily collect recyclables and earn money in that way. Another way recycling helps people is with health. Recycling reduces the rate of pollution, and pollution affects human conditions. As an example, in a landfill, the chemicals that are decomposing are releasing air toxins, harming human's senses. Hydrogen sulfate gases are an example of harmful chemicals, and these gases can cause respiratory problems and irritation in the eyes and nose. When the waste material that could be recycled is burned, that process also releases a whole mass of toxins that people breathe. Finally, recycling helps people in terms of health and

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