Pessimism In The Glass Castle

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Society defines home as “a house, apartment, or other shelter. It is the usual residence of a person, family, or household” (“Home”). On the other hand, in The Glass Castle, Jeannette’s definition of home suggests that it’s a place for friends, comfort, love, happiness, and financial security. Perhaps home is a complicated topic that can be interpreted in many different ways. The Glass Castle clearly describes the pessimistic attributes of home. The pessimistic attributes of home are the negative characteristics happening at home such as lack of support and poor parenting. Home is a place where individuals feel secure financially and emotionally.
Although Jeannette appears to have a poor life, she learns to make the best of it. Jeanette and her family move constantly and struggle financially to pay for food and shelter. Instead of giving up, her parents tell the children that life will get better for them. Her parent’s optimism, show great emotional support. It gives the kids hope that life will get better for them physically (better place to live structurally) and emotionally (better place to live psychologically-Feel happier,have higher …show more content…

This example shows that the Wall’s family is breaking the “norms” of the concept, home. On constant occasions, they move because of their parent's change of jobs or job opportunities.The Wall’s family moved to Phoenix because their mom thought she’ll have a successful art career there. Another time, their dad wants to move to Battle Mountain because he got a great job opportunity as a barrite miner.These examples taught Lori, Brain, Jeannette, and Maureen that in order to pay the bills, there has to be a sacrifice. This sacrifice is moving to wherever the better job opportunity is. This better opportunity in turn, results in more money to live well financially as well as live with happiness and not in

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