Peyton Sawyer Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Peyton Sawyer is a character from the TV show One Tree Hill. Peyton suffers from depression and issues with trusting people in her life. This includes anyone who wants to get close to her such as friendships, relationships, and other family members. She often spends time alone in her empty house, and has a very negative outlook on life and people. Peyton also is in a relationship with a guy who treats her horribly and she lets him get away with it. Peyton was adopted by two loving parents because her biological mother, Ellie, was a drug addict. Peyton lost her adoptive mother, Anna, in a car accident when she was on her way to pick up Peyton from school. Since Anna was on her way to pick Peyton up from school, Peyton puts blame on herself for the accident. After Anna’s death, Peyton’s adoptive father, Larry, appears in her life off and on because of his overseas job working on a cargo boat. With Peyton’s loss of Anna and absence of Larry, she struggles with the constant thought that people will always leave her. …show more content…

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to teach people to recognize and change their negative and irrational thoughts and beliefs (Corey, 2017). CBT methods focus on changing perceptions, beliefs, and thought processes to create positive behavioral changes (Corey, 2017). More specifically, REBT believes that the three most irrational beliefs a person has are demands of personal success, favorable life circumstances or experiences, and acceptance from others (Corey, 2017). Since Peyton believes that her mother’s death was her fault and continues to believe that people will always leave her, I think a change in these negative thought processes would greatly change Peyton’s outlook for the

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