Pheumonic Plague Research Paper

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The Black Plague begined in the 1348-50s, through this disease it never really vanished that quickly. The disease is caused by bacterial strain called Yersinia pestis. This bacteria is found on animals throughout the world and is usually transmitted to humans through fleas. There is 3 plagues Bubonic Plague, Septicmetic Plague, and Pneumonic Plage. The Bubonic Plague is the most common form, referring to painful swollen lymph nodes—that appears around the groin, armpit, or the neck. Septicmetic Plague is the bacteria that enters the bloodstream directly, multiply there and it’s known as septicmetic plague. Pheumonic Plague is when the bacteria spread to the lungs, it has been known for having pheumonic plague. The song called “Ring around …show more content…

Joan was also named Joanna and was born either December 19, 1333 or January 28, 1334 in the tower of London. Royalty is people of royal blood or status. Royal families is immediate family of a king or queen regant, and sometimes his or her extended family. The term of imperial family appropriately describes the family of an emperor or empress, and the term papal family describes the family of a pope, while the terms ducal family, grand ducal family, or princely family are more appropriate to describe relatives. Royalty was a huge part in the timeline at around 400 AD. The royalty pyramid is by Popo, Kings, Nobles/Knights, Peasants, Freemen, Yeomen, and Servants. Royalty is also harsh for others such as Queen Mary I of England in 1517-1558. She was catholic, and had so many Protestants put to death through many various names such as burning at the stake that she had earned the nickname “Bloody Mary”. Mary was called “Bloody Mary” as a game to be telling to a mirror. Mary is a jinxed when it comes to others she just likes to have fun, she had jinxed two women that had broken legs and they had been evacuated from the crusie. Mary Tudor was the sister of Queen Elizabeth I of England, the two daughters of Henry VIII. Mary father was “King Henry VIII” he had six marriages and the role he had put through was seperated by the Church of England from the Roman Catholic

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