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Women’s Movement--Phyllis Schlafly
Not every woman with six children has the courage and time to fight for the privileges of women, but not every woman is Phyllis Schlafly of course. If we go back in time, we all know that many women have been suffering inequality for decades. For example, the obligations of women were to stay at home as moms or wives, and usually they depended on their husbands for everything. However, “Schlafly, a conservative activist best known for her opposition to modern feminist, and successful campaign against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” believed that American women are the most fortunate people because they can have children and men don’t, but also that women can do anything they make up …show more content…

Also, Schlafly believed that women were unhappy because of the unjust society and discrimination to them; for this reason the government needed to do something to solve these kinds of problems. Phyllis Schlafly was a very exceptional woman living in the 20th century. When she was against the women’s liberation movement, many agreed with her opinions, but some disagreed as well. The Equal Rights Amendment was an amendment that was being proposed by the government that would give equal rights to any individual regardless of their race or sex. Schlafly opposed the idea because she believed that if women were given equal rights, they would be enrolled into the military, and that same sex marriage would be legalized; of course none of these actions were correct. Phyllis Schlafly began organizations to keep the amendment from being approved. “The Eagle Forum” and "Stop ERA”, which means, “Stop taking our Privileges” were important movements. Then the “congress

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