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If faced with great challenges would you choose to stick by your morals, or do whatever it takes to survive? This is the same question Piscine Molitor Patel or “pi” as he likes to be called, faced. From being stranded at sea for 227 days, to losing his family, Pi’s story is truly extraordinary. Through the use of personification, similes and metaphors proves that hardships in life can truly change someone. Yann Martel describes Pi’s journey with great detail making a story that will truly make you believe in god. Yann Martel uses personification throughout the book to make certain details come alive. For example when Pi was on the lifeboat he says, “a sound without shape or colour sounds strange”, (242). With Pi being the only human on the …show more content…

When a storm happens Pi says, “the sea roared like a tiger”, (215). Some would be glad for rain, but with Pi the rain is only a nuisance, reminding him that he is all alone. Throughout the story Pi feels the need to give up multiple times, one of those times he says, “it is like an end game in chess, a game with few pieces”, (217). Pi truly felt that he had a few options that could either end in his survival or death. Similes can depict a character's feelings, in this case it shows the power fear any have over anyone.

Metaphors in a story can hint at feeling that the character is feeling. In life there is no guarantee of how things will turn out, and that’s how Pi feels when he says, “sometimes your life is a pendulum swing from one to the other”. (218). Loneliness was Pi’s nightmare he proves that by saying, “when it is dark, the darkness are claustrophobic”, (216). Martel with the use of metaphors to show Pi’s perspective how things.

Furthermore in Yann Martel's Life of Pi he tells about Pi’s life in an interesting way. Proving the effects that hardships can have on somebody, his use of personification, similes, and metaphors made the story come to life. Clearly showing Pi’s views and understandings of what was happening to

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