What Is Jean Piaget Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Student Name: Aisha Jaber Hassan
ID Number: H00328219
Teacher Name: Ms.Antoinette wisemen

Piaget History

Jean Piaget was born on August 9, 1896 in Neuchatel, Switzerland and died September 17, 1980. He was an influential experimenter and theorist in the field of developmental psychology and in the study of human intelligence. His father was devoted to his writings of medieval literature and the history of Neuchatel.

Piaget was an active man throughout his life. He enjoyed great fame and had many discoveries. He started out studying mollusk and then studies his own children as they developed. Today his theory of cognitive development is used in many of preschool and primary grade set-ups. Children in these programs are encouraged to …show more content…

• Children cannot conserve or use logical thinking.
• They begin to use language, memory and imagination.
• Children engage in make believe and can understand and express relationships between the past and the future.

Concrete operational stage (7-11years):

• The term concrete operational means the child can reason only about tangible objects are presented.
• Children can now conserve and think logically but only with practical aids.

Formal operational (12+):

• From age 12 to 16 and onwards is the formal operational stage.
• Adolescents use symbols related to abstract concepts.
• They can think about multiple variables in symbols related to abstract concepts.

Four key concepts of Piaget’s that are applicable to learning at any age:

- Assimilation
- Accommodation
- Equilibration
- Schemas

Cognitive development is a complex process comprising three main concepts affecting the development process: assimilation, accommodation and equilibration. All three are associated with the formation of schemata and their modification in order to attain a balanced sense of understanding of the external world.

Schema …show more content…

Even though on of them is too young, but I think he will feel more comfortable in his own choice.

Both of them choose their own room, I didn’t now why , but I think maybe hameed felt jealous from his sister so he choose his room too.

When is started the experiment I bring two pieces of biscuit and I broke one of them to the half. I put the broken one in front of me and the other in front the child. After that I asked the child who have more.

♣ Salama is 5 years old and she’s in kg 2 now.

♣ When I asked salama who has more , she started think about the answers and after few minutes she said we’re equals . I think that she’s smart because I did this experiment with other boy and he was the same age of salama , but he said that I have more.

♣ Hameed is 3 years old and he doesn’t go to school.

♣ When I asked hameed if I have more than him, he start getting angry and he said: you had more than me (with angry face). In my opinion, hameed said that because he though that I have more than him and he just looked to the

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