Picture A Town, Holcomb In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Picture a town that is run-down. A place where streets are “ unnamed, unshaded, unpaved.” Where is it “ simply an aimless congregation of buildings divided in the center by the main-line trails of the Santa Fe Railroad.” Truman Capote describes this town, Holcomb, in In Cold Blood. Through this journalistic style of writing Capote uses imagery, selection of details, and structure. When describing the town of Holcomb, Capote says “few had never heard of,” a very “out there” town, and “Far Western than Middle West.” By these descriptions, he wants us to know that the place is often forgotten about, not well traveled to because nothing ever happens there. Capote uses phrases like “flaking gold on a dirty window,” “one-story frame”, “sulphur-colored

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