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2. I. The passage of time in the novel is a central theme that influences our impression of characters and events. The novel spans over two decades, which allows for a significant amount of character development and plot twists. The characters change throughout the novel, and their actions and attitudes are shaped by their experiences. One of the most significant examples of the passage of time is the glossing-over of 18 years in chapter 11. This event has a profound impact on the novel because it marks a turning point in Dorian's life. After the death of Sibyl Vane, Dorian becomes more and more consumed by his desire for eternal youth and beauty. The fact that the novel skips over almost two decades of Dorian's life highlights the extent to …show more content…

Wilde's time in prison had a profound impact on his life and work. He emerged from prison a broken man, physically and emotionally. He lost his reputation, his health, and his family. He also lost his creative spark and was never able to write again. Wilde's time in prison was a turning point in his life, and it marked the end of his career as a writer.

4. The media's hype on youth and beauty has had a negative impact on some people. It has created an unrealistic standard of beauty that is impossible to achieve, leading to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. This can lead to a range of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. The media's focus on youth and beauty has also led to ageism, with older people being marginalized and undervalued in society.

5. A central theme in Dorian Gray is the corrupting influence of beauty and …show more content…

Henry Wotton in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" represents the idea of hedonism and aestheticism. He is a character who believes in living life to the fullest and indulging in one's desires. He is a mentor to Dorian, encouraging him to pursue his passions and ignore the consequences of his actions. Wotton is often seen as a negative influence on Dorian, leading him down a path of corruption and moral decay.

8. Sybil's brother is killed in the hunting accident because he is distracted by his grief over Sybil's death. He is unable to focus on the hunt and ends up accidentally shooting himself. The hunting accident serves as a metaphor for the tragic consequences of Dorian's actions. His pursuit of pleasure and beauty has led to the deaths of those around him, including Sybil and her brother. The accident also serves as a turning point in the novel, marking the beginning of Dorian's descent into madness and despair.

9. When Dorian rejected Sybil, he set into motion a chain of events that led to her suicide. His rejection of her was a turning point in the novel, marking the beginning of his descent into moral decay and corruption. Dorian's actions have tragic consequences, leading to the deaths of those around him and ultimately his own

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