Pink Flamingo Analysis

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American culture has an identification what could be described as unique and abstract to a degree of not being like any other. Their philosophy of culture would be to learn and interpret to be applicable to your own life. This society has set no restrictions on what the culture could be or have certain traditions that must be followed. America can tolerate and accept many practices to create its own culture that is not conventional. The articles in this essay will give three different insights on how American culture is perceived based on observations and first hand experiences. Jennifer Price used the trend of the pink flamingo to describe a time of new and vibrant change that has shaped its culture to be strong and optimistic. Richard Rodriguez gives his first hand experience of being a part of two different cultures to give a comparison between totally opposite places with their own traditions and customs. Finally, Scott Sanders presents his belief of ideas are more important to the American people than the places which they live in. All of these writers all give substantial information of their viewpoints which combined makes up the identity of American culture. The identity of American culture would not be a perfect fixated system of practices or traditions, but rather the ideology of what is present at the time and how it is beneficial to improving onward in society. Price illustrates a vivid and flamboyant perception of the pink flamingo in American culture after
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