Plato's Theory Of The Soul

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Plato was a philosopher in classical Greece. He was the founder of the Platonic Academy, the first institution of higher learning in the world. Later it would go on to become a model for European Universities. Plato is considered to be one of the foundational figures for western science, mathematics and philosophy. He is also considered to be the first major political philosopher, whose ideas had a profound impact on subsequent political theory Plato’s philosophy is marked by the belief that the human mind was capable to attain the truth and use this very truth for rational and virtuous ordering of human affairs. Plato believed that humans are those who see beauty and are all the same but at the same time not the same. With this he meant that we are all the same because we are all humans but some humans (Gold souls) had the ability to see more than the others. He believed in the three stages of a soul:
Bronze Soul: Workers of the hand
Silver Soul: Protectors (Soldiers etc)
Gold Soul: Thinkers

Each stage of the soul has a different purpose in life. Each purpose is important. Plato believed that when we are being born we swam in the river of forgetfulness, the longer we take to exit this river, the more we forget. That is why people have different potential. Plato also believed that conflicting interests of different parts of society can be harmonized. Plato was a firm believer that there was only one 'real ' version of anything - the perfect version. Everything else that we
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