Plessy Vs Ferguson Court Case Analysis

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Over the course of American history, various court cases have significantly impacted the countries future. Two court cases that greatly shaped the future of America are the Scopes trial, by determining boundaries between evolution and the bible, and the Plessy versus Ferguson trial, by affecting racial discrimination towards blacks. The Scopes trial shaped the future of America by examining what public schools have a right to teach, and specifically debating the boundaries between education and religion. After World War I, a religious belief in the priority of the Bible over all human knowledge became popular in society, while Darwin’s theory of evolution was seen as a threat. This resulted in the passage of Tennessee’s Butler Act which stated …show more content…

This case, which concerned racial segregation laws for public facilities such as restrooms, restaurants, and water fountains, made its way all the way to the Supreme Court. As way of background, in 1890 Louisiana passed a law which required blacks and whites to ride in separate train cars. However, in 1892, Homer A. Plessy, who was a black man, boarded a car designated for whites only. He was asked to leave, but refused and was arrested immediately. In the case, Plessy vs Ferguson, Plessy’s position was that his rights were violated under the 13th and 14th amendments of the Constitution, which dictated equal treatment under the law. However, in 1896 Judge Ferguson of the Supreme Court ruled that Louisiana had the right to regulate railroads within state borders and created a “separate but equal” rule that lay the groundwork for future segregation. This shaped America’s future by aggravating the racial discrimination between blacks and whites. Specifically, laws were passed to keep blacks separate from whites in all sections of society, including education, restrooms, hotels, public transportation, and even cemeteries. Blacks were denied the right to vote and even had a curfew in some places. In summary, this court decision significantly worsened race relations and progress in society for many decades. In conclusion, the disputes between religion and science, and the concept of racial discrimination against blacks were two important factors that shaped the future of America. These were affected by decisions in the famous court cases of the Scopes Trial and Plessy versus Fergueson. In the future, it is expected that there will be many more court trials, which will significantly impact the lives of many Americans in the years to

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