Plessy Vs Kraemer

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"No problem on the planet that can 't be solved without violence. That 's the lesson of the civil rights movement- Andrew young." First, the civil rights movement was a time when colored people wanted equality. It was a hard time for colored people because they didn 't have the same luxury as the whites. The supreme court has made many decisions to impact civil rights: Plessy vs. Ferguson, Shelley vs. Kraemer, and Loving vs. Virginia. To begin with, Plessy vs. Ferguson was about a law that required that public places needed to serve colored people separately. Restaurants, theaters, etc. had to serve colored people separately. Tourgée argued that the law requiring separate but equal accommodations was unconstitutional. "In 1883, the Supreme Court struck down the 1875 act, ruling that the 14th Amendment did not give Congress authority to prevent discrimination by private individuals." As a result of their color, colored people were not allowed to go to the same places as whites because white people thought that they were going to cause trouble based on usage of state. The adoption of any statue by any state was prohibited. …show more content…

Kraemer was about to petitioners that were black and they bought a home in the neighborhood it which 30 out of 39 owners had signed a restriction covenant which stated that no home was to be sold to any person who was black. Therefore, no colored person was allowed to rent or own a house. The covenant stated that they were not allowed to own or rent for 50 years. This was violating the 14th amendment which was the equal protection clause. This wasn 't equal to colored people because they were suppose to have equality and they had to be able to rent or own. At last, the circuit courts declined to enforce the agreement on the basis that not all the property owners had signed the original

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