Polar Opposites In Of Mice And Men

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Throughout the Story Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. Two men, polar opposites, George and Lennie struggle to find jobs and make enough money to hopefully live out their well deserved American Dream. So far, Steinbeck portrays Lennie as an absent minded man. Also, Steinbeck does not fail to show Lennie's dumb but childlike features too. When approaching Lennie, many might feel intimidated due to his lack of manners and huge body. But, Lennie's unsympathetic side shines through with the course of the story. Lennie; an absent minded character. He relies on Gorge to direct him and help him in many situations. Many times he will find himself in crazy situations leaving him to depend on Gorge or other to help him through. Throughout the story, readers find Gorge or other constantly yelling at Lennie for his absent minded mistakes. Lennie's fate is sometimes left in George's hands after messing up big time. In a rough time, Gorge is left barking at Lennie. “So you wasn’t gonna say a word. You was gonna leave your big flapper shut and leave me to do…show more content…
Many times, Lennie is found in a messy situation, where he needs Gorge to redirect him. Some, including Gorge are adamant around Lennie, he is often treated how he acts; like a child. Lennie cannot hold a complicated words in his head and often asks for clarification. Poor Lennie's head was wrapped around the idea of tending rabbits, and only tending rabbits. Since Lennie is unable to control and sort his thoughts, he ended up getting him and Gorge into trouble. “What the hell are you laughing at” (?). As readers discover Lennie's true personality throughout the story, we find his childlike nature. For a grown man whom also is a fugitive, having child-like nature, while looking for a job, doesn't not work well. Lennie will often find himself in trouble in each situation without fully knowing his mistakes. Lennie does not have the proper self control around other creating
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