Police Brutality

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Literature Review Unfortunately, police brutality has been a part of the United States for many years. Most police brutality began in the late 1800s, early 1900s. This is still a problem today in the United States. The main part of this paper is to present research findings on this particular social problem. Many researchers found that most cases of police brutality goes unreported. According to the Word Press, in 1982, the feds (federal government) financed a “Police Services Study,” selecting over 12,000 randomly selected citizens in three different areas. Studies showed that 13 percent of those surveyed had been victims of police brutality the year before. However, only 30 percent of those who identified the abuse filed formal complaints.…show more content…
I will now present the real-life cases of police brutality amongst the minority community in the United States. There were times when brutality cases did not get much, or any media coverage. People were not talking about it as much when it would occur. Most of the police officers would get off without any form of punishment. However, hundreds of brutality cases have gone to court, but today I will go into full detail on the cases that changed the minority citizens’ perspectives on law enforcement. These cases may serve as the reasons why there is a sense of mistrust towards…show more content…
By mistake, they came into the situation thinking that he was a suspect of another case. Police claim that he was coming at them with a knife. However, eyewitnesses claim that Lopez was running away from them in fear when they shot him. “While the details surrounding Perez-Lopez's death remain in dispute, the reality is that killings of Latinos by police seem to occur in a vacuum. They do not tend to generate widespread outrage among the public, nor do they seem to draw ongoing national media coverage (Reyes, 2015). Honestly, this was my first time ever hearing about the police brutalizing a Hispanic. This is something that you just do not see plastered all over television screens and such. I feel like the media is just out to get African Americans. I am aware that some of the steps that take place in these situations could be prevented but nobody deserves to be gunned down over something stupid. Definitely, an unarmed, person who is not a

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