Pony Monologue

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After a not so good nights sleep at the church, I get up early and head out to get the food we need for the next few days. I remember Pony talking about the book, Gone with the Wind. I decide to pick up one to pass time. When I get back Pony is awake and we begin unpacking what I picked up in town. We need a disguise. I know we do. That’s why I picked up some stuff to bleach Ponys hair with. We both cut our hair, but we only bleach Ponys. I wouldn’t look good with blonde hair. But Pony doesn’t look too bad. As the days go by we pass the time mostly by reading. It’s a good book. The southern men remind me of Dally. Pony seems to disagree. I don’t know what it is about Dally, but he’s so real. There’s no fake to him. He’s as real as it gets.

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