Factory Workers In The Late 1800s And Early 1900s

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The factories poor workers like Joe worked long hours in were extremely dangerous. Many workers at the time where mutilated or even killed in these factories. Those who didn't die from the injuries were more likely to get laid off then get compensation. The factory owners didn't care there were tons of people who were willing to take the job to try to support their family. That's way the business owners of the late 1800s and early 1900s were robber barons and because they also got rich by using poor cheap labors, they used shady business tactics to cheat investors out of money, and they thought they were superior to their fellow man. The businessmen of the late 1800s and early 1900s treated their workers horrible and made all their money on the backs of hard working men and women. The workers who made these men rich were dirt poor. These men and women had families but even working as many hours a week could barely support their families. Many people got hurt in the factories and were given little or no compensation or help leaving them and their family no way to make money. The owners only cared about there produces getting made they didn't care about the men, women, and sometimes even children that were putting there …show more content…

The rich business owners also had some shady business practices they would use to get ahead of their competition. Watering down stocks is one tactic that these businessmen used to get ahead. Watering down stocks is when a company gives a unreal value for their stocks meaning the stock owner doesn't really have that much money in the company. This means these people are getting cheated out of money and the owners are getting way more money from stocks and investors for their company then they should be lying about how much its worth. The cartoon in document D shows this when to business owners are taking about cheaping to get

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