Pop Goes The Weasel Research Paper

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Have you ever had something that you needed to remember but you couldn’t? My math teacher taught me the quadratic equation to the tune pop goes the weasel, to make it easier to remember. I believe that if you put anything to a tune you will be able to remember easier. It can be hard to factor trinomials and without the formula you can’t do it. Factoring trinomials aren’t always simple and you will need to know this formula to solve the equation. For the equation to work, you must have it arranged in the form quadratic=0. A really good experience that I had in a math class was when I figured out how to put the quadratic formula to use and remember it without looking at my notes everytime. I will describe the experience I had while learning the quadratic formula, explain why it was a good experience, and tell how it could be repeated for other students to make it easy for them as well. …show more content…

When I was initially taught the quadratic equation the first thing I thought of was how am I ever going to remember this equation. Then my teacher taught it to us to the tune of pop goes the weasel. It made it way easier to remember. Sometimes it’s hard to factor trinomials and without knowing the formula you can’t do it. Sometimes they aren’t easy to factor, in fact soe cannot be factored completely leaving us to have to use a different way to solve the quadratic equation. Also when I was taught this formula I didn’t think I would use it much, but I have proved myself wrong, as I use it more often that I thought. As trinomials aren’t always nice and easy to factor, with a good way to remember for formula to always get your answer put it to a tune and you will then remember

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