Poseidon: Poseidon's Affairs With Goddesses

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Poseidon When poseidon he was eaten by his father Cronus but later saved by his brother zeus who forced cronus to vomit up all of his brothers and sisters. Cronus was killed by his own children and they divided up the power of the world to each other, poseidon winning the power of the sea. Poseidon has two brothers, zeus and hades, and three sisters, hestia, hera, and demeter. Poseidon also has a wife Amphitrite.The story says poseidon “he too had numerous affairs with goddesses”(Kevin Osborn page 6) he even went as far as having a baby with medusa. Even with that Amphitrite had seven children with poseidon . Poseidon had the talent of taming horses to his will but he struggled to claim more land for himself. “Poseidon was the ruler of
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