Positive Deviance In Our Society

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Positive deviance is based on certain individuals or groups behavior towards any cause or issue in community which is different from others. Whose certain behavior will enhance them to find a better solution which compared with the rest of the community. In society there are some people whose approach an acts differently to face a similar challenge or situation. There are many problems or issues in our society, when everybody is ignoring those some people take initiative steps on those problems and issues and tries to solve them. Through that first person who take a step the surrounding people around him will also might follow him or her. People get labeled as positive deviants when they truly exceed the social expectations of others by taking some really serious risk and succeeding, or overcoming some very serious or substantial obstacle that no one expects them to be able to surmount. Positive deviants are those people who…show more content…
There is a house where every day it became fascinated with the resound of the children's who are reading loudly. From them most of the children are from poor family. In their home it became so hard to manage meals for twice a day where it's needless to say about education. These children's parents don't have the money to send their children in school and also they are not aware about their children's education. Bina Pani Sharkar took the responsibility to build these children's educational foundation. Because of the ideal she took this great responsibility on her shoulders is, Bangladesh is an independent country as a independent country why should we stay behind than the other developing country. With the education we can also show them our country is a prosperous country. Only education can make a person literate and self dependant, as a result one don't have to beg anymore he or she can earn money respectfully. But the sad truth is these poor parents don't understand the importance of

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