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Art during and post the Augustan age was utilized throughout centuries to soothe and celebrate imperial power. The Roman Empire had an abundant of different art placed anywhere possible to be admired by their populations. Augustus tended to use many monuments as he ruled to communicate and convey his political agenda and build up who he really was to the people of Rome. Learning from the past he used sculptures as a way to show his authority and architecture to display his lineage of family in a manner where he justified his rise to imperial power. Each work of art from and after the Augustan age has its own distinct meaning to the empire depending on the class or family bringing Rome prosperity as time passed. During the Augustan age there were an abundant of sculptures, but the one that stands out the most for the way he is portrayed is the Portrait of Augustus as general, from Primaporta, Italy during the early-first-century 20 BCE. This sculpture depicts Augustus as a general in an orator stance as if speaking to his people presented through the hand raised pointing or directing and he spears he holds on the other hand …show more content…

Considering that Rome’s citizens believed in the gods the Pantheon in Rome Italy is a great representation since it was created for all gods. Ranging from the columns to the dome and the magnificent art in the inside of the Pantheon they all play a significant part in demonstrating important events. Its amazingly constructed dome being one of the largest at the time illustrated their knowledge and power in creating a temple. This temple however was not initially built by Romans but rather Athenians and was not claimed to be Roman until later when Romans started to invade more parts of the cities. The architecture was reconstructed by Hadrian and the credit was given to Augustus as Hadrian did not take it. Thus, shows the influence they had in the empire and how powerful they

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