Poverty And Poverty

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Background of present Study Criminal activities exist in almost all the regions of the United States of America. These realities have led to the government as well as local governments to develop strategies of reducing crimes within the country. There are number of factors that lead to poverty within a given society. A person’s social economic status has an impact on their status of poverty as well as their ability to rise from the condition (Schneider, 2007). While illustrating poverty in the USA researchers needs to look at the economic status, Race, marital status, level of education and the criminal history of individuals. The most contributors to poverty in the country is race. A closer look at the United States of America reveals that people still live in segregated neighborhoods within states. A majority of the people in prisons and correctional facilities come from minority communities as well as poor neighborhoods (Wilber, 2015). Most of the people convicted of crimes in the country come from the Black and Latino communities. On the other hand, the policies related to drug wars commonly target the minorities. The policies have been an instrument for stereotyping the minorities making them prone to imprisonment as compared to whites (Wilber, 2015). Previous studies reveal that for every three African American males one is currently serving a term in the criminal Justice system. In some cities within the country, almost over 80% of the African American male

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