Poverty In North Carolina Essay

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This is being written about the poverty level in North Carolina. It will explain how bad the poverty level is in different parts of North Carolina, from the richest to the most poverty stricken. I will include examples of poverty-stricken families, and quotes from people either researching poverty or from people that live in poverty. I will also include what can be done to reduce or eliminate poverty in North Carolina. According to research taken in a U.S. Census, many people continue to live in poverty even though the state is recovering from the recession that occurred in 2007-2008. Poverty greatly affects any children that may be living in the poverty-stricken home in a positive and a negative way. Poverty can stunt a child’s long term outcomes, …show more content…

Roughly more than “One-Fourth of children in Durham live in poverty, twenty-eight percent, caused by the recession of 2008”, and causes the state to tie with Kentucky and Texas for the spot of the 11th highest poverty rated state in the country. Before the economic downturn, the poverty rate of children in Durham was only three percent. As quoted by Lauren Horsch, worker at NC Child, “In Durham County during the 2011-2012 time frame, nearly 64 percent of students were on free and reduced lunch.” Further research also states that only seventy-seven of people that were in high school after 2008 graduated, meaning that twenty-three percent either only achieved a GED, or dropped out …show more content…

“It is estimated to get back to pre-recession levels of poverty, we would have to create almost 5.6 million jobs”. As stated by Rebecca Vallas, reporter for the Center of American Progress’s website, “The best way out of poverty is a well-paying job”. A risky, but possible move could be to raise the minimum wage income level in North Carolina a fair bit. The reason this is a risky move is because if we raise the minimum wage level too high, then that might further inflate the economy, which would hurt

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