Power Of One: The Myth Of The Rainaker

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In the movie "The Power of One" the main topic and theme of the story revolves around the Myth of the Rainmaker. Early in the movie, Peekay would make frequent visits to an inmate at a nearby penatantry. The inmate goes by the name of Giel Piet. Giel Peel, happened to be a good boxer, and was nice enough to teach Peekay a few things. Over time, Peekay learned how to box and fight, and eventually became good at doing so. During this time, Giel Peel spreads the Myth of the Rainmaker around to Peekay, and Peekay seeme intriged, but he never really ever wanted to be this person. The Myth of the Rainaker was about the person that was able to bring peace to all the tribes when in outrage and dispute. Peekay, is basically casted in the light of this myth, and was kind of his fate. …show more content…

At first, after hearing the name of the movie and getting to know what it was about a bit, I had thought that I was definantly not going to like it. I thought that "The Power of One" sounded a bit cheesy, and that it was not going to be a good movie. After watching it although, it ended up actually being a really good movie. The movie had a lot of entcing and exiting scence in it that made it enjoyable to watch. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Peekay and the African American from the big tribe were boxing, with all of the people surrounding them. The scence was really important, becuase it emphisized that fact that even though, everybody is cheering against you, and you may not be in favor to win, you still can. The movie also taught me a few things. It really made me think about the idea that one person, or even a whole community together, can make a change with everbody opposing you. All you need is a little rebelion and commintment. The movie actually ended up being very informative and eye opening, and was very surprised at

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