Privilege And Oppression Analysis

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Privilege and oppression can be delivered in many forms. Privilege immensely depends on the social class or ethnic background of the person or person’s receiving it. Privileges that are given to someone of a higher class may not be as greatly appreciative as the privileges that are given to a person of a lower class. Today, privilege and oppression are dispersed in many forms and among many different races and social classes. However, privilege seems to favor the wealthy and those who are not of color. While social and economic privileges keep those of wealth up to par, privileges granted to the poor create harsh environments and an unjust way of living. Oppression has a lot to do when it comes to these types of circumstances and is often overlooked. Oppression in its simplest form can be as common as a job interview. Usually, jobs hire the …show more content…

They predominantly exclude those of color and those of a non-masculine gender when they declare their decision. In Class, we spoke about our certain backgrounds and social identities and how the way we categorize ourselves may end up affecting us. I fall into a very confusing category because my family comes from all ends of the world. If I were to fill out a job application I’d have to check off the following for my race: Mexican American, Pacific Islander, Native American and Italian. Living life as a person of a mixed race is a very confusing one, especially when it comes to the subject of privilege and oppression because you don't know where you ultimately fall. Myself, predominantly being a Mexican-American Male, I am affected with the presumption that I am

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