Pro Choice Argument

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There is a divide among the people of the United States surrounding the idea of women being able to have abortions. Some people strongly believe that women should not be able to have abortions, they consider themselves to be pro-life. While other people firmly believe that women have the right to have abortions, those people are considered to be pro-choice. Women across the world should have the right to choose whether or not they want to have abortions because they have the right to their own bodies. The argument for people who believe in pro-choice is that the government should not be able to decide whether or not a woman should continue a pregnancy because it is her body. Another point of the pro-choice argument is that there are special …show more content…

Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court declared abortion as a “fundamentalist” right that women are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution (“Roe v. Wade”). After the Supreme Court made that statement, it helped many women across the U.S. to have the ability to have abortions (“Roe v. Wade”). If the U.S. Supreme Court agrees that women should have the right to have abortions, then we should listen to them. Another supporting argument for pro-choice is that abortion is not the termination of a baby, but of a pregnancy (“Roe v. Wade”). During the Roe vs. Wade case, it was said that the unborn are not included in the Fourteenth Amendment, and are therefore not citizens and do not have their own rights (“Roe v. Wade”). Ultimately, it is the mother’s decision whether or not to go through with the …show more content…

Many states agree with the idea of abortion being fetal homicide, although, according to a scientific study, fetuses are unable to feel pain until at least their 26th week of life (“ 'Fetal Pain ' Anti-Abortion Laws Spur Fierce Debate.")("Fetal Homicide Laws."). If a fetus is not even able to feel pain, the idea of “murdering” the fetus should not even be considered because it is barely developed. According to the Bible, some pro-life activists say that “Thou shalt not kill” applies to unborn children further implying that abortion is murder (The Holy Bible: King James Version). Though, the Bible can be interpreted in many different ways, and there are many religious folk who are pro-choice. Clearly, there are many arguments for both sides of the

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