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How many of you have puppies, a dogs, or just want a dog? Most people have to feed their dogs a certain way whether it’s a puppy or an old dog. My dog is 10 years old, so I have to feed her a certain diet to keep her from getting fat. I feed her this brand of dog food called Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, because it’s healthier than most dog foods that you would buy from the grocery store. It helps maintain her weight-loss diet and also her allegories too.
I feed Skye twice a day. Skye gets a ½ cup of food every morning, then at night she gets another ½ cup of dog food. I usually don’t feed her any more than that serving, because I want her to continue to lose her weight. Since Skye is an older dog she needs smaller quantity with less calories. Only if she was more active, then I would feed her more food to maintain …show more content…

You will need to look at the dog food label on the side of the bag to see what cup size is best for the puppy. Usually dog food labels go by the weight of the puppies and dogs. You will want to feed puppies twice a day, although depending on how active the puppy is you can feed three times a day (morning ,noon, evening). For adult or senior dogs you should feed also twice a day depending on how active they are you can feed maybe three times. Although, it’s best for senior dogs to only eat twice a day due to their age, weight and inactivity. Keep in mind, if you give your puppy or dogs treats that adds to their feeding as well. Do not feed your dog table scraps, because it’s not healthy and they tend to not want to eat their dog food. I also recommend doing your research to see what dog food is best to feed your dog. For example, no chicken meal, potatoes in the dog food it sometimes causes upset stomach, and allergies in dogs. You can always consult with your veterinarian as

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