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If you had a million dollars to spend on the Progressivism Movement, and how the reforms took charge, how would you spend it? The Progressivism included both major political parties, it lasted about 20 years. Many large reforms were being debated and fixed during this time period of hard times. There were 3 major reforms that were included in this movement. These reforms were contradicted and underestimated, but some people thought otherwise. Those reforms were Food Safety, Women’s Suffrage, Child Labor, and Preservation. If i was handed a million dollars to spend on these 4 reforms, i’d definitely spend majority of the money on food safety. In my opinion, I highly determine that food safety out of all of these reforms, is the most important. Food is the building blocks of life and human energy, and that's why I’d give this reform 600,000 dollars out of the one million given. The passage explains how the meat productions were handling their meat at very low sanitation levels (Doc.D). These meat companies were letting rats …show more content…

It may not be as important as food safety, but it still excels in many ways. In the passage it claims that “ A woman’s simplest duty is to cook and clean in an everyday home” (Doc.C). I feel that without women in the intended obligations, there'd be many corruptions in today’s laws. Women should be able to vote and fulfill their mindset. At that point in time, women had no rights, they were forced to do whatever the stereotype was. They had no will of knowing what was in the meat they were feeding their children. They had no idea that their daily medications for their children were infused with harsh drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Little did they know, they started a ballot for women rights and voting. If women's rights were evaluated, there wouldn’t be such commission and hatred. The laws would slowly flow easier and better

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