1 Million Dollars Dbq

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1 million for 1 million people

Aunt Bessie gave a million dollars should I spend it on myself or should I make this nation a better place than what it was. What will you put one million dollars?.
During progressivism there was child labor, women 's suffrage, no food inspection as well as no care for the environment. And for me to make it right i would like to split my one million dollars into food inspection, 600k, child labor 300k, and women’s suffrage 100k to improve the situation and make the future great.

Food inspection has been one of the biggest issues for humans health. And back in the day there was no inspection for it. And many people would get sick from the meat especially they would buy, it was an essential source of protein and back then there wasn’t vegan people everyone used meat. Based on document D meats would get stored in a dark room of course rat is one of the big problem when it come to food. In order to get rid of the rats they used rat poison and when they would get the meat there was dead rats in there as well their poison and they would drag the meat on the ground …show more content…

Based on document D kids in U.S to work in coal mines with really bad situation from age 10 to 16 and in a situation one of the kid fell in fire and burn to death and the other one was severely injured. And i 'm helping child labor because children needs educational and entertainment in order to be healthy and their brains develop. Besides that these are the kids that the future of U.S depended on and they’re the future of this country. And none of the money that i donated goes to waste because it is the base of the building in order to build higher you need a strong base, and these children will help this country to build bigger and

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