Project Management Culture

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A) What can you understand from "project management" in your opinion?
Before talking about project management and what does it mean, I will begin with defining the main word "Project". The Project management Institute (PMI) defines a project as "A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result." (PMI, 2013, p. 553)
Therefore, for achieving the best result for such endeavors, we need a systematic approach that translate our goals into defined objectives and help us organize and plan the tasks and resources needed to accomplish these objectives. In this context, project management offers a valuable framework that define the timetable, budget, scope, and resources needed to achieve the desired outcome of the project
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In other words, Feasibility Analysis assesses the viability of initiating a new value added activity and decide whether the business idea should be started or not.
C) What is the effect of the culture in the project?
Culture can affect project and its success in many ways. Firstly, culture affects the way in which different departments within the organization interact and support each other in achieving project goals. In other words, the more the organizational culture favor active cooperation between departments, the more the probability of the project's success.
Second, "the organizational culture affects the level of employee commitment to the goals of the project on balance with other, potentially competing goals." In other words, the more the organizational culture promotes employee commitment (such as working extra hours) toward achieving project goals, the more the probability of the project's
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Due to the complex nature and multiple duties a project manager is responsible for, they are also called "Project champions". Project champion is involved in traditional activities such as "interpreting technical details, providing strong leadership, helping with project coordination and control, as well as supplying administrative help for the project team" and non-traditional activities such as providing the needed enthusiasm, maintaining a clear sense of purpose and a firm idea of what is involved in creating the project, being willing to take calculated personal or career risks to support the project, and maintaining good relations with all project stakeholders.
C) What is the Project Scope in your opinion?
The project scope is part of the project planning step that involves determining "all activities to be performed, the resources consumed, and the end products that result, including quality standards". In other words, project scope is the process by which the project manager determines what and how work needs to be done considering the limitations and constraints.
Fourth Question:
A) How you can have good strategy according to "Risk
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