Promethean Ambition In Frankenstein

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Basic ambition is not essentially good or bad, but simply is. However, Promethean ambition, which involves a human pretending to be God. Macbeth by William Shakespeare and Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, significantly open up a sentiment of ideas regarding Promethean ambition. William Shakespeare introduces Macbeth as a combatant hero, who becomes king by altering God’s plan. When Victor Frankenstein is astray in his studies he isolates himself from human society. As a result, he drifts off in sight of his responsibilities. Promethean ambition is a dominant aspect in Macbeth, Victor and the creature which compels them to perpetrate monstrous acts. First and foremost, ambition leads to monstrosity in numerous situations especially in …show more content…

Despite the fact that Victor is isolated in the end and isn’t happy about the outcome, “Winter, spring and summer deeply was I engrossed in my occupation"(Monster of Mary Shelley), conveys the tragedy of Victor’s creation. By spending most of his time deprived in his experiment, never going out in reality, but focusing on what is making him successful, made him crazier than he’s ever been. In spite of the fact that Victor was the creator of his monster, he had responsibilities which he ignored. “After the fact that he made ambitious mistakes, he could've acknowledged his authorities and save himself from desolation. Out of pride and ambition, his mistakes brought him to the point of unhappiness and devastation to himself and to his loved ones, most importantly his creation. All in all, every character that has been mentioned, all have one thing in common which is Promethean ambition. Macbeth, Victor and the creature share a presiding feature that reveals monstrous demeanor. Wanting to be a narcissistic being have consequences that come with it, as you can perceive. Driven by fear and loss of innocence that the impact on human nature will potentially be a disadvantage to life itself which are signs of “Promethean ambition.” This stems from the fear behind the human that results in the undertaking of their

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