Theme Of Ambition In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley tells the story of passionate scientist Victor Frankenstein, whose devotion to science leads him to become obsessed with creating life, but his genuine intentions lead to a lifelong conflict with his problematic creation. This creature causes pain and suffering for Victor by killing his friends and family, which causes him to feel responsible for their deaths. Ambition’s dark and addictive side got the best of Victor, who became blinded by his dreams of glory. Similarly, Don Quixote fails to identify the risks of ambition while exploring Spain. He wants to be a famous knight so badly that he begins to hallucinate obstacles that he must conquer. The outcome of ambition is the defining factor between these novels. Victor’s lack of judgement with his ambition causes him to make crucial mistakes that he regrets for the rest of his life while Don Quixote’s ignorance leads to less permanent consequences. Authors Shelley and Cervantes show that even ambition stemming from pure intentions has the power to create devastating repercussions. Victor’s unchecked ambition caused him to disregard ethics in his quest for knowledge and to be attacked by the work of his own hand. Victor would stop at nothing to finish his project and became so obsessed that he was isolated from his family and friends, proving that ambition has a dark side that causes risk. His way of collecting lifeless matter for his creation is unethical and morally wrong. Eventually, he is
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