Promoting Urinary Incontinence

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The paper is purposely meant to critically criticize a nursing article entitled Promoting Urinary Incontinence in Women after Delivery authored by Linda Brubaker and was published on 25th May 2002 in the British Medical Journal. The article was picked since urinary incontinence is a challenge that most patients fall short of deliberate with the medical practitioners and clinicians thus rendering it a huge complication that is not often reported and treated (Chiarelli & Cockburn, 2002). Urinary incontinence is among the monotonous perennial nursing conditions that are visible in basic care practice. The condition is often popular compared to diabetes and other diseases that are considerably attended to.
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The research population, the main results being deliberated and the brief definition of the methods to be used in making the observations to be quantified are all inclusive in the title (Chaliha et al., 2001). The people in the study are the females encountering urinary incontinence problem whereas the main targeted result is the championing for urinary continence. The purpose of the essay is to assess the efficiency of the physiotherapy program to anticipate urinary incontinence in ladies three months after birth. This purpose is achievable, new, engrossing and appropriate to purpose. However, the honesty of this research is questionable. Any study that involves subjects concerning human beings should be approved first from the ethics committee before being effected (Chiarelli & Cockburn, 2002). Further, if the paper ever sought for ethical approval is not being mentioned in any section of the article concerning its ethical issues. This is one of the pitfalls noticed at the beginning of the …show more content…

The literature review gives justified information for the need of conducting the research. Apart from the introduction, there is no other information concerning the research title that could offer detailed information (Chaliha et a., 2001). Despite giving the justified information in the introduction section the paper should have had the literature review section, thus it did not follow the due steps and format of a research paper. The methodology part follows after the introduction and it discloses the methods used, the design, the people included in the study and how the data was sampled and examined. However, the reasons for choosing the design in the research were not

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