Pros And Cons Of Poopty Training

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About 90% of children in the US are potty trained by the time they reach age 3 (Boyse, 2010). Also, girls take a shorter time to be potty trained, on average, than boys due. Girls usually take around 29 months and boys around 31 months (Boyse, 2010). The reason for this is unknown at the moment, but many think it has to do with the fact that boys have to go through a two step process; stand to urinate and sit to defecate. Other cultures like China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America use a different form of potty training, elimination communication. They leave their children's bottoms bare and uncovered and pick up signs from their child when they have to use the restroom (Boucke, 2003). They hold their child over a toilet and or the ground and let them relieve themselves there. Eventually the child will learn to hold back until the parent gives them a verbal signal (Boucke, 2003). Some parents in the US are picking this up, but it is not technically being potty trained. The child is WAY to young to make that trip to the bathroom, find a toilet, wipe and flush after themselves. …show more content…

The cons would be that it is time consuming, you need to have patience, and it can be very messy. One of my friends has three boys and all of her boys were potty trained by the age of 2. Both my sister and I were potty trained at 18 months. My husband and I both agree that training should start early, as children tend to develop their own personalities and can be more resistant the older they

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