Pros And Cons Of Pacifier

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Is It Okay To Give Pacifier To The Baby?

As a new parent, you often worry about your little one’s comfort & wellbeing and you might find a pacifier very helpful. While some babies are comforted with rocking, cuddling and sucking during the feeds, others just can’t seem to get enough of it. If your newborn still fusses after you’ve fed, burped, rocked and cuddled him, then a pacifier can come to your rescue. It’s easy to use and provides instant comfort to your baby, but that’s just one part of the story. The increasing rumors about pacifiers being detrimental for babies have put moms in a fix. In such a situation, it’s better to make an informed decision. Scroll down to read all the pros and cons of giving a pacifier to the baby.
Pros of Using Pacifier
1. Reduced SIDS Risk …show more content…

One reason for this is the belief that babies who use a pacifier may not sleep as soundly and would thus wake up more easily than babies who don 't use it. This makes them less vulnerable to SIDS. Another reason for this is that sucking on a pacifier might aid in opening up air space around an infant’s mouth and nose, thus ensuring adequate oxygen supply. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the use of pacifiers for babies below 1 yr of age at naptime and bedtime (preferably after the baby is at least 1 month

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