Vaccinating Children

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There has been a vast controversy on the idea of vaccinating children at a young age. Throughout various types of research there have been several pros and cons on this issue. Many individuals believe that vaccinations can either lead to the development of issues such as autism and the development of negative side effects or can be a beneficial asset for children to prevent disease.
For children, “by age two, most children will receive almost 30 shots designed to boost a child’s natural defenses against disease” (Maron, 2015). Therefore, parents are starting to question, “does my child really need all of those vaccinations?”. As a parent to a newborn there are various concerns and questions regarding the best prevention method for sickness. …show more content…

Throughout the understanding of vaccination, there has always been that speculation that early vaccinations can cause the development of autism or negative side effects. Vaccinations, may be effective but “vaccines are only as effective as your immune system is when the invader returns. If your immune system isn't very strong, even if told by your "vaccinated memory" in plenty of time that an old enemy has returned, your immune system just might not be capable of ramping up a strong response in a short period of time” (Barron, J. (2017)). Therefore, it can be safe to say that, yes vaccinations have benefits, but individuals should not solely rely on vaccinations to prevent all diseases because it can affect a child differently. For instance, a specific vaccination can be very helpful to a child in preventing an illness but in contrast, another child might not be affected by the vaccination at all and can get very sick. As for the safety aspect of vaccinations, there are adverse side effects such as, “the growing number of vaccines all assaulting the immature immune system at once causes complications” (Daley, M. F., & Glanz, J. M. (2011). Another negative aspect, is the amount of vaccination shots children are required to intake at a young age. Vaccine’s contain various ingredients that can be both good or bad that can sometimes be harmful to a child’s health. There

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