Understand The Importance Of Immunisation In Schools

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Vaccines are made up of viruses or bacteria that have been killed or weakened, also known as an antigen, that try to make our antibodies which are called upon by lymphocytes, fight off the virus or bacteria that was placed into the body. But sometimes the antibodies don’t win the fight… Vaccinations use immunisation to prevent infectious diseases by using our bodies natural defence mechanism and if the body can fight off the infectious disease the body will build a resistance to the specific injection. But the rate of immunisation is dropping and the vaccinations are no longer working and this is unfavorable because when the antibodies can’t fight off the injection of the whooping cough, for example, the child then gets the whooping cough. Childhood vaccinations can have an important non-health related types consequences for the children 's well being like, their school attendance, physical growth, and cognitive ability. Some schools will not allow the child into the school if they do not receive certain shots. Some shots could Affect the child 's physical growth, by making them grow less than they should be. It can also affect their cognitive ability, This is a brain based skill that we need to carry out any kind of task from the most simplest tasks to the most complex. It also has a lot to do with how we learn, remember, problem solve, …show more content…

I for one would not want my child to receive any kind of vaccines that could affect their cognitive ability. I would not want to possibly give my child the virus that I am trying to keep them from getting just because they say that our antibodies can fight it off. We are not all the same some have a stronger immune system than others and some can barely fight off the common cold. I think that eventually the viruses that are put into our body through these vaccines will evolve and become more powerful and deadly than they are now, they will be strong enough to fight off our antibodies and they will eventually start to kill

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