Pros And Cons: The Battle Of Vaccines

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Vaccine’s are a commonly debated topic among parents and doctors. Some may argue that the vaccine’s are too deadly to put in your body and that it will harm it too much. Others would say that the benefits obviously outweigh the negatives. Among these debates are myths that vaccines will cause autism, lead to a deformed mind, and many other which are mainly brought on by worried mothers. Through sources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and Gena Bari Kolata, both sides of this case will be seen through a scientific voice.

“All virus vaccines are grossly contaminated with phages”, Gena Bari Kolata states in his argument against vaccines. Apparently, there are cases which show that there are certain ingredients in these vaccines that the FDA are not releasing to the public. A common word used in The Dangers of Vaccines in Vaccinations is “unavoidably unsafe”. During the process of making vaccines, there are certain unavoidable bacteriophage that are a big concern. Brain swelling, permanent brain injury, seizures and convulsions, blood disorders, and even death are all significant injuries that are believed to come from …show more content…

Some parents claim that shortly after they got their children they notice immediate changes. Scientists respond to this by saying that it was simply a coincidence that this happened. The complexity of the science is what confuses many people. Many researches say that there are many more theories than actual proof which disclaim the whole autism-vaccine theory. For example, in one case when Mark Geier, MD, PhD did a research in support that vaccine caused autism, there were 15 critical errors in just one of their studies, which is an outstanding amount. Many people who fight for the proof that vaccines cause autism or other abnormalities only look in people who are already sick to begin with when they should do a widespread study on every person who received the

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