Disadvantages Of Breastfeeding Essay

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Are you pregnant and planning on breastfeeding? Are you worried about the preparations and the process itself? These are your first steps on the ladder to successful breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is probably the most effective way to boost your baby’s immune system since day one. Nursing is the most natural way to feed your baby and it lowers your child’s health risks such as flu, diabetes, viruses and infections. Healthy mommies are recommended to breastfeed at least 6 months since the child’s birth, and if possible to continue for another 6 or even more. As simple as it sounds, this is probably very difficult for most mothers since they recover from the birth process itself in the first few weeks. This is stated as the main reason why most mothers just give up from breastfeeding.
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THE DISADVANTAGES OF BREASTFEEDING In order to make a decision, you have to see what weighs more- the benefits or the disadvantages. You shouldn’t expect the breastfeeding to be the most pleasant experience, since it requires a lot sacrifice and time. As much as it is positive, you have to know that there are some negative outcomes before you start.
• A difficult start- You shouldn’t expect that you’ll start nursing since the moment you deliver. Sometimes this is a process that requires a lot of energy and persistence, since not all babies latch right away, and not all babies nurse properly.
• You are on your own- You should be aware that breastfeeding is mommy’s job, and no matter how much your husband is supportive, it is solely your job to nurse. That means that your alone time will be shortened especially in the first few

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