Matty In Lois Lowry's Messenger

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He was known as the fiercest of fierce, the messenger, everyone has their own identification that helps describe themselves. In the novel Messenger by Lois Lowry, Matty, a young man sets out on a journey that involves selflessness, and propensity. Every good and hardship he’s faced with he must find himself and make the right decision to help save Village. When Matty first arrived to Village he was a troublesome individual that was always sly and mischievous. But, because of the people there, they helped him change. “Sometimes he slipped back into the habits of his earlier life, when he had been a sly and deceitful boy in order to survive.” pg 25. In the Village you didn’t have to lie, you didn’t have to steal, everyone was welcome there and anyone could change. Matty was changed by the people of the Village and his past of a terrible choices would be forgotten. “He lived with the…show more content…
“There were trades for things you didn’t see” pg 38. At the trade mart, it was different from other trading events, you would trade away parts of what make you whole. A once kind man, Mentor, became selfish and rude. He once would take the time after school to help the troubled students and be patient with them. Now he couldn’t stand a young puppy they had and would kick it. His appearance even was changing, all for the love of a beautiful widow. “There had been a petition-signed by a substantial number of people-to close Village to outsiders.” pg 33. It wasn’t just Mentor that had changed, it was most of the people in the Village that were changing. Matty wasn’t going to adapt to these changes; he was going to do just the opposite. He wanted to keep the Village the same and wanted the people who once were kind and caring to come back. But, the decision was made that they would close the Village to outsiders and Matty had to put up signs within the forest to warn
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