The Role Of Hope In Fever 1793, By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Life can be better if you have hope, and it will give you a chance to accomplish your goals. In the novel, Fever 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson, did u notice that Mattie had hope for her grandpa? In the book Mattie has hope for a lot of people like her mother. Throughout the novel Mattie starts to have more hope. I know that she has hope throughout the novel because she wouldn't of ben able to raise Neil.there are many things people will say about hope, but if Mattie didn't have hope she wouldn't of been able to live through the fever

If you have hope then you will try more things, and it will spread to people around you. For instance, in Fever 1793, Eliza said to Mattie "You don't need my permission" then Mattie went to the town to a festival. Mattie's mother wouldn't let her go to the market but sense Eliza let her it got her mother of her head, and gave her hope. …show more content…

That made everyone more happy in the town and it made everyone have more hope that they will be ok. That's how Mattie gave hope to the

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