Pros And Cons Of Congress Dysfunctional Institutions

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Is Congress a Dysfunctional institution?
In US constitution Congress has got the first place over superseding the Supreme Court and Presidency. Congress has the authority to approve legislations over and above President’s veto as well. In process of legislation and law making the Supreme Court’s nominees must vote in Senate and Congress for sure has the powers to change its composition. An institution with such a vast powers and authorities must be addressing to nation’s problems in the best manner which in case of congress one does not see. The route of congress dysfunction appears to be the differences between the two parties. The important factor that determines whether Congress is doing god …show more content…

The reason may appear to be historic and far previous accumulating factors have encompassed a maximum level. A limited explanation to the concept was added by Mickey Edwards a former republican congressman who identifies American government as a war between two combatant tribes than a two-party system government (Broderick and …show more content…

However, political scientist Nolan McCarty is reluctant to associate polarization with election finances. But also says the increasing participation of purposeful electoral investment seems to worsen the situation. During 2012 election campaign, 85 percent of donors gave over 90 percent of their money to one or the other party. Again it is difficult to assess the importance and involvement of that money in polarization and dysfunction but a role attached can be anticipated keeping in mind the present day conditions when polarization, money involvement are increased, the level of satisfaction of common man with congress has declined greatly. Indeed, not all the money may be considered for polarization point of view, there are organizations that fund with a view to get something happen or to stop happening something (Pepper, Dewart and

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